Engineered Heavy Services LLC also operates other types of equipment that are related to the heavy lift industry. The following is a summary of the major services:

Ballasting system

  • The ballasting system used by EHS LLC, consists of electric submersible pumps with a capacity in excess of 3,000 tons per hour. We can also supply all associated equipment such as hoses, control kiosks, extension cables, etc.
Weighing system
  • EHS LLC has 3 types of equipment for the weighing of modules. We can provide a simplified weighing system which is a calibrated digital hydraulic pressure transducer. This method is normally used in connection with the supply of other hydraulic equipment such as dollies or jacks, where we can read the pressure in each hydraulic group of the equipment. From the pressure, we can then calculate the total weight.

    We also have a weighing system consisting of 300-ton Enerpac hydraulic load cells with an accuracy of +/- 2 % of full scale.

    EHS LLC has developed its own 100-ton capacity electronic compression load cells. These load cells have been calibrated and have an accuracy of better than +/- 0.5 %. The load cells are normally used together with our jacking systems.

  • The supershoring towers can be used for supporting of heavy units or as a base for EHS's rod lifting system. The capacity is 200 tonnes per tower.
Miscellaneous Support Steel
  • As part of our inventory, we have available a large number of steel structures that have been used on different projects. These range from 50-tonne and 500-tonne supports to a large number of heavy beams (double 36" deep) that can be combined in a variety of configurations.


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