Engineered Heavy Services LLC is a small company that does big things with major heavy lift and transport tools. The main offices are located on the US West Coast. This location is vital to operations because it provides a stepping-off link globally for both equipment and personel. EHS utilizes technology that was initially developed in connection with the North Sea offshore oil development and to support Alaskan projects.

EHS developers have been providing engineering, equipment, and supervision, to accomplish heavy lift and transport projects in the United States and throughout the world since 1976. Remarkably, since 1989, EHS has made over 400 load outs, discharges, lifts or shifts of partly or fully assembled container and shipyard cranes. They have launched 12 vessels up to 3,400 tonnes, and have completed over 1,000 heavy lift projects in 26 countries and on four continents.

In 2009, the partners in Norsar LLC decided to offer their services separately. This adjustment caused Engineered Heavy Services to be formed with the idea that there is a place for a heavy lift contractor that is not wholly tied to one equipment set, but is free to assist clients with the best tools available from any source.

This organization, EHS performs project execution with the support of strategic partners Nordholm Rentals, Talco Services, and GENPS.

EHS has worked as a subcontractor to and as a client for many major lift and transport contractors internationally and in North America. They often assist clients at the engineering stage and then return later during the execution of the project plan for additional support. Through the engineering division (GENPS), EHS can provide Naval Architecture as well as professional engineering, supported by indepth knowledge of available heavy lift barges and ships. EHS can provide additional services of locating the most suitable marine equipment, as well as assisting in the chartering of tugs, barges, and ships., developing load plans, ballast plans, and the sea fastening details required by the Coast Guard and insurance surveyors.

Engineered Heavy Services LLC provides comprehensive service solutions in:

• Heavy lifting and transport operations

• Developing Load and Ballast Plans

• Maintenance lifting and shoring services

• Specialized equipment rental

• Providing Sea Fastening Details required by the Coast Guard and insurance surveyors.

Engineered Heavy Services LLC is a global leader in the heavy lift and transport industry. Experience and on-site custom fabrication combined with some of the best engineers and project managers in the world give EHS an edge that sets the standards around the world.

When your project gets heavy, EHS LLC is the right solution provider.



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